Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy new year!

Happy New Years! Welcome to the present, 2015! I am happy you're here and cannot wait to see all the fun things you're bringing! 

Midnight kiss :* happy new year! 

I hope y'all are having a safe and chic New Years celebration! 

Thank you so much for reading! 

Love always, Cass

Goodbye, 2014!

Happy New Year's Eve, everyone! Just wanted to stop by and drop a line since today is the last day of 2014. I can't even begin to express how ANAZING this year was...I mean, I got MARRIED! Matter of fact, I got ENGAGED AND MARRIED in the same year! That's double the amazing-ness! 

I am so incredibly blessed when I reflect back on the year I had! 
2014 kicked off a pretty good start with this handsome fella! 

My cousins' band 4Proches had their first and second concert which were huge successes! They also played at our wedding, and I'm still getting compliments about how great they did!


We popped up to snowy Chicago for a weekend getaway to visit Dorian's uncle Marc! 

I had a career change! No picture to commemorate this one, but it's been such a fun journey being a nanny to three kids! 

Ended my cheer coaching career (at least for now) with this amazing lady and these cute girls!! 

I said, "YES!" 

Did a whole lotta wedding planning (and a whole lotta dessert tasting ;) ) 

Turned 25 at some point during the year! Only getting better with age, hubby ;) 

I said, "I do!" 


Became obsessed with Cirque shows! 

Celebrated Christmas with our two wonderful families! 

With all the amazing things happening in 2014, I cannot wait to see what the new year brings! I wish you all the very best New Years tonight! I'll be spending mine at home with my new hubby, some steaks, and probably even some bubbly ;) - no place else I'd rather be to celebrate a brand new year we have to look forward to together! 

Until next year, y'all .... <3

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Our Wedding Story, Part 2

...and just like that, seven months had flown by, and i woke up on the morning of my wedding day hardly believing it was real! my amazing aunt carol and her daughter augusta brought over a yummy and beautiful breakfast spread for us to munch on while we got ready! i wish i had a picture, but these incredible women helped make my day so special. anything i needed from, paper to write down my vows, to coffee mugs, to making sure i ate some of the yummy lunch they provided, to the prettiest wrapped water bottles i've ever seen (they made a label out of our wedding invitations!) aunt carol and gussie were only a text away and helped me with everything despite the fact that i'm sure they were busy running around doing more important things to help get the wedding and reception ready also! i can never say thank you enough, aunt care and gussie! i love y'all so much!

before i knew it, i was being pampered getting my makeup done by the best makeup artist i've ever worked with, Jacqueline Roberson (find her on instagram @makeupbyjax), and having my hair curled and done up all pretty! what a fun morning relaxing and getting ready with my best friends! the time seriously flew by! after i was all done up and ready, i asked my friend katie if i could practice my vows with her! for those of you who don't know, public speaking is probably number one on my worst fear list. add that to coming from a family of criers (i'm talking drop of a hat criers), and then combine that with public speaking my wedding vows in front of a crowd of 150 people! to say i was nervous is putting it lightly. katie and i went out on the porch and i read through my vows multiple times with both of us sitting there teary-eyed, me hardly getting all the way through them thanks to the tears. i will never forget that moment sitting there with one of my best friends and reading her the words i wrote for and would soon say to my husband- talk about one of the most special moments of our friendship. i love that incredible woman!

Seemed like the whole morning and afternoon flew by in five minutes and before I knew it, I was slipping into my wedding dress! At this point, we were running a little bit late so the bridesmaids were throwing on their gowns, putting the final touches on their makeup and hair, and getting ready to brave the cold (sleeveless, I might add!). Honestly, after this point, the whole night went by in a flurry of activities. Thank goodness for photographers and videographers to capture everything! 

The bridal party all headed outside to meet up with the groomsmen to walk down the aisle. My dad and I were hanging back so dorian wouldn't spot me. It seemed like we were waiting for.e.ver. To enter, but finally, after all the wedding party entered, it was my turn. My talented cousin Ezra was playing "a thousand years" by Christina Perri as I was walking towards the love of my life. It was a long walk so the majority of it, I was doing fine and laughing with my daddy who was also holding it together surprisingly well, but as we reached the beginning of the aisle, I finally made eye contact with Dorian and the intense look in his eyes as he watched me the whole way down made the waterworks come back to the surface. Once we made it down the aisle, Marme joined Dad to give me away to their soon to be son in law. 

Let me just add a little side note here to say that when I caught a glimpse of the ceremony area in its entirety, I was blown away. Thanks to Heather, everything was exactly the way I had pictured it in my mind. I can't wait to get the pictures back to show everyone because words do not do it justice. Just one of the billion amazing things Heather did to make our wedding beautiful! 

Anyways, back on track. I'm standing at the altar, staring at my almost hubby and cannot stop smiling despite the chilly weather! My Uncle Tom and uncle tim performed a beautiful ceremony for us and I couldn't have asked for anything more. We said our "I Do's", exchanged the vows we wrote for each other, exchanged our rings, put together our unity cross in symbolism of our relationship to each other and the Father, and then were pronounced husband and wife! Honestly, the main thing I remember about the ceremony was just how perfect it all was! I made it through my vows without crying too much and got to kiss my husband and was pronounced his wife! At the end of the day, it wasn't about what temperature it was outside, or what malfunction we had with a bridesmaid dress, or starting right on time. it was about entering into the sacred covenant of marriage with the man I'm going to spend the rest of my life with, and that is exactly what we did! People who were there always ask me if I was absolutely freezing, and I tell them that I honestly wasn't even paying attention to the cold. I was so happy that I may have been shivering on the outside, but I was warm and cozy on the inside! Cheesy? Don't care! Haha! 

After the ceremony, we took a bajillion pictures with family and wedding party and every possible combination of people you can think of, and Then rushed off to enjoy our reception! We entered and danced our first dance as husband and wife to the song "cowboys and angels" by Dustin lynch. Then headed off to the part we were probably the most excited about- the food truck!! We were so excited to have the San Antonio food truck Crazy Carl's cater our reception. Dorian and I became a little obsessed with their burger that they serve on a donut and knew after trying that burger that we wanted them to cater the event. They did an amazing job, and we are still getting compliments about how delicious the food was! 

I'm sorry, but I have to stick in another side note to thank Heather again for how beautiful and stunning the reception area was. She did it all! Again, everything I could have ever imagined. And a huge thank you to my dad, dorian, brothers, father in law, and everyone else who helped build the dance floor (yes, from scratch) and set up all the beautiful lighting. It made it absolutely magical! 

The reception was an even bigger blur than the ceremony... We ate the yummy food, we cut our cake and pies! Dorian's mom's family has a secret family recipe for Apple pies and all he wanted for his grooms cake was Apple pie so his mom made all the pies for the wedding! We had a few dances, not nearly enough though! It was so fun to see so many people and get to chat with people we don't see enough and people who blessed us by coming out to support us! 

I had my father/daughter dance with my daddy, and dorian and Becky had their mother/son dance. I loved getting to dance with my dad one more time before The wedding was over. I know I'll always be his little girl, but there's just something about that feeling that im now a grown up that was so emotional- at least for me. But even though I'm married now, I will never stop being his little girl. My dad and I danced to the song "Through the eyes of my father" by Brianna Hayes. When I was picking out a song for this, I knew that I wanted it to be a tribute to my dad because he has always been everything to me (I'm tearing up just typing this), and that song is all about how through the eyes of her earthly father, she sees the Heavenly Father. When I found that song, I knew that was exactly what I was looking for because it has been so true my whole life. I have always been able to looks at the actions of my dad and see such an amazing example of my father in heaven. I love you, daddy! 

Moving on away from the tearful subject...We were given very sweet toasts by my maids of honor and Dorians best men. Dorian's mom came up and gave said some really sweet words that welcomed me into their family. My dad even got up and gave us a toast! although, I hear he cut it short from what he was going to say due to high risk of letting the waterworks flow, but he got the important part across to dorian, "since you've married a princess, what the princess wants, the princess gets." Sounds about right ;) 

Seemed like as quickly as the reception began, it was over! My talented cousins band, 4 Proches, played  and sang "a thousand years" for our last dance. Finally, all the guests grabbed some sparklers and formed a tunnel for dorian and I to walk through. That. Was. Spectacular. So. So. Beautiful. We always look back at the picture of that and still can't get over how awesome it was! 

And just like that, our 7 month engagement was over, we were married, and on the road to our honeymoon in disneyworld! Well...after we turned around and went back because I remembered we had to get our marriage license signed...whoops! 

I could gush on and on and on about how amazing and perfect everything was, but we'd be here forever. All I am going to say is that everything was exactly what we wanted. It was a perfect night for dorian and I. But really, even if it had been down-pouring the entire day and flooded everything out, as long as I was marrying my best friend, nothing was going to ruin our day! 

Thank you so much to all of our family and friends who supported us this entire journey, and also, thank you to our family and friends who helped us so much along the way! Our wedding day wouldn't have happened without all of your help and willingness to sacrifice of yourself for us! 

Our Wedding Story, Part 1

It's been a month now since I married the love of my life and even my Marme has written about the day on her blog so it's about time I share my wedding day wedding weekend with y'all through my eyes! I don't yet have the pictures back so that will be another post for another day, but I'll share some iphone pictures that were taken!

**Disclaimer** I was a little preoccupied by the whole getting married thing so I have very few pictures so I apologize in advance for being bad a picture documenting :)

I started off the wedding weekend festivities heading up to fredericksburg with marme for a bridal party luncheon to honor the amazing ladies who have always loved, encouraged, and supported me! I could never imagine my wedding day without these girls standing beside me. We went to a little tea room in Fredericksburg called The Peach Tree and munched on some delicious quiche and delectable desserts! After that we headed to my Aunt Carol and Uncle Tim's property for the wedding rehearsal; we checked out the progress going on with the wedding and reception decorations then did a little rehearsing of the ceremony {a big thank you to everyone for putting up with standing out in the freezing cold weather!} Once we had it all down how our WEDDING CEREMONY (eeeekkkkk!) would go, the ladies and i stole away to get our nails done- a much needed necessity! Since as i'm sure you all know, i am not a planner, we didn't have nail appointments...we basically jumped in cars and drove down the rode until we found a nail salon that could get all our nails (and some toes) done in about an hour! yikes, thankfully god had our back on that one, and we found a place! Finally, when we all had our nails done up all perty, we raced back to the house to jump back into cars to drive to the rehearsal dinner!

Dorian's parents hosted our incredible rehearsal dinner at his favorite BBQ restaurant called Cooper's. The BBQ was delicious, but even better than that was the sweet time of fellowship we got to spend with both of our entire families and our closest friends. my MIL Becky and dorian had created an amazingly sweet slideshow of pictures of both of us from when we were little through our relationship and engagement. one of my favorite things to do is look back at old pictures and relive such fun memories so i absolutely loved getting to look back on both dorian and my childhood memories and the memories we are creating together! here's a peek at some of the pictures from the sweet slideshow.

 i may have had a thing for sunglasses?

those pictures, though. i can never get enough! 

then, just when i thought i was done with the tears, our incredible family members and friends got up and gave us the sweetest toasts i've ever heard. i can't remember if my face broke into the ugly cry or not, but i wouldn't be surprised- thats how much the words they spoke to us meant to me. i could never say thank you enough to dorian's parents for all the work and planning they did to give us such a special night in our lives- the night before we became mr. and mrs. sandoval!

lastly, here are the very few pictures i have from the night of our rehearsal! wish i had more!

after the rehearsal dinner, we went back to the bolton's house and me and my girls Adina and Katie finished up a couple last minute wedding projects! Shout out to Katie for making our adorable instagram hashtag (#sandovalpartyof2) chalkboard and to Adina for perfecting my flower crown and to both of you for staying with me and keeping me company! we had fun girl-talking into all hours then crashed, anxiously looking forward to the morning of my wedding!!