Friday, November 28, 2014

Post Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving...yesterday! and guess what?! In even more exciting news, Dorian and I are MARRIED!!!!!!! You read that right! Welcome to my first blog post as a Mrs.! We have officially been married for two weeks tomorrow, but the last two weeks have felt like such a crazy whirlwind! We were on our honeymoon for the first week of marriage (more on that amazing time later), and we both went back to crazy workweeks this week and have been preparing for thanksgiving fun!

Now that I am done with wedding planning and executing, my goal is to get back to my blogging and show it some extra TLC! So if I start slacking, I expect a bunch of texts to whip me back into shape on posting ;) I'm not yet sure exactly what direction I'm going to take my blog in...up until this point, it has kind of been just a big collection of whatever randomness comes to mind, but I'd definitely like to bring it back to a clear focus- we'll see! it's definitely hard to reign it in sometimes though- my brain works in random  bursts sometimes :)

Yesterday, Dorian and I spent thanksgiving with his side of the family! He watched the cowboys game and I socialized ;) Then we stuffed so much delicious food into our tummies and I'm not even sorry about it. I used to really dislike Thanksgiving food back in my picky days, but now that I've (partially) stepped out of that bubble, I can't get enough sweet potato casserole, dressing, ham and fried turkey- definitely my favorites!

We have so much to be thankful for...each other, our brand new marriage, our two, big loving families, the jobs we have both been blessed with, and so so much more! I couldn't even begin to name everything, but I hope that we both are able to keep thanksgiving at the forefronts of our minds and always remember to thank the Lord for the blessings he gives us all year round and not only one day of the year!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with family and friends, and hopefully, you are taking advantage of the awesome deals and steals this Black Friday! Here's a few pictures from yesterday's festivities! My phone is acting weirdly for some reason and not letting me upload all the pictures, but when it stops being rude, I'll put up some more!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hello, October

And hello to this little neglected internet url. Talk about radio silence. The last post was all the way from the beginning of July. That is over three months ago and unacceptable, I know. I do apologize for the MIA status as of late, but I've got a confession (and it's not even Friday)- I am still mastering superwoman status. Surprise! I have not mastered the art of working all day, planning a wedding, and trying to be a mini blogger at the same time! Balancing being a nanny to three kids and planning a wedding at the same time are hard enough in and of themselves, and by hard, I mean extremely time consuming. I absolutely love my job and have loved every second of planning our wedding, but when three kids just want you to play with them all day, the wedding planning gets pushed to the time when I'm off of work, inevitably pushing blogging to the time I need to sleep. And when blogging and sleep fight it out, sleep wins, unfortunately. If we were talking in my younger days, things may have been different, but now that I am "over the hill" as dorian and my brother seth swear I am and I get to work at 6:30am, priorities, priorities. 

And on top of all that, for some reason when I've opened up my blogging app, my mind has gone blank. I've doubted what I have to write about and what you'd care to read about. Until this morning, I decided that I really feel like writing a nice, long "rambling about anything and everything that comes to mind" post. So should you not care to read my rambling, just close out of this now. I probably should I put this warning at the beginning so you didn't waste your time reading half of this post, but now that you're this far, just humor me and keep going. It could be fun. Maybe and maybe not. So here we are...

It is officially (by my phone app's countdown) thirty-two days until dorian and I get hitched! I can hardly believe it! I would be in heaven if it were tomorrow- I just cannot wait until that amazing day! And then the other half of my brain chimes in about how much there is still to be accomplished for the big day, and I go into list mode. So many DIYs still in the works and emails to be sent to nail down plans. But I can't say enough how incredibly excited I am to see everything come together on Saturday, November 15, 2014! The day we become Mr. And Mrs. Dorian Sandoval. And then the next day when we take off for DisneyWorld for our honeymoon! (Which of course brings on another list of all the things left to plan for the trip such as all my outfits). That's one of the most important parts, right? This trip will be documented in photos that we'll show our kids of our honeymoon, I can't be seen in just plain ole frumpy comfy clothes even if we will be walking around all day. Y'all know me better than that, right? ;) but of course, the most important part is that I'll be on our honeymoon with the love of my life (looking chic)! 

Alright, now that I've rebroken the blogging ice, I'll be back! Don't go away yet, and I'll try not to either! 

Thanks for reading! 

Soon to be Mr. & Mrs. <3 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June Recap

First of all, how the heck is it already July?! Did we just skip right over the month of June?! That's definitely how it feels for me. The time passed by so quickly, and suddenly, we're only four and a half months from our wedding! June was an awesome month though so I wanted to recap some of the exciting stuff we did since I probably forgot to share with y'all when it was happening... #badbloggerprobs

I ate entirely too much cake at cake tastings trying to discover who was just perfect for the task of creating a beautiful wedding cake for our wedding! The wedding cake shown is not my wedding cake, but I absolutely loved the inspiration I found on Sweet August Events.

We had giant snow cones and donut burgers at the food truck park! 

Cheered the spurs on to an NBA championship victory! 

Got in my wedding shoes! I know, I know, you want to see the actual shoes, but what's fun about that? Gotta have a little suspense! 

Tasted the most delicious French Macarons from Bakery Lorraine in San Antonio! 

Headed off the rockport, tx for a wonderful weekend relaxing and fishing and spending as much time with my love and family as possible! We never wanted to leave! 

Our June was absolutely fantastic, and I hope yours was the same! Here's to looking forward to an even more fabulous July! 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Happy Tuesday, y'all! I just wanted to check-in because I know I've been abandoning ship recently on the blog. I'm not going anywhere, I've just had a whole lot going on! I keep saying that so I apologize if you're tired of hearing it, but I started my new job this week as a nanny! A nanny to three gorgeous kids (yes, a handful!)- it's only day two, but so far so good. This week is their current nanny's last week so I'm kinda shadowing/training on all things the kiddos, but it's still been nice. I feel like I'm on vacation, sort of! I'm sure when I'm on my own with these three it won't be quite as much of a walk in the park, but I'll figure it out. Today, the oldest, Jack, told me he thinks I'm going to be a really good nanny! Haha, let's hope so! Next week, they're going on a family vacation so I actually will have the whole week off for vacation. Hope I'm not getting spoiled! ;) 

I really miss my regular blogging, but hopefully I'll get back into that routine soon when I have a chance to establish more of a routine with these kiddos. 

As for Dorian, he's full force into his new job also and trying to get a feel for everything that comes with starting a brand new job. I just love how handsome he looks all dressed up in a tie errday! And I know he is going to be very successful in this next chapter as he is with anything he puts his mind to. 

Philippians 4:13 
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 

One of my favorites! Keep that in mind getting through the work week! Thanks for reading! 

Friday, June 6, 2014

confessional friday

happy friday, y'all! today i'm linking up with Leslie from A Blonde Ambition for some confessional fun! let's get right to it, shall we?

1. i confess that i am stoked for the weekend. today kicks it off, and it hasn't come soon enough! 

2. i confess that i am so excited to begin my new job. the days are slowly dragging by now that i'm less than a week away from leaving the gym! 

3. i confess that i am kind of having a blog writing block. ugh i feel like i have nothing to write. i hardly even have any random thoughts running through  my mind to share. (not that y'all want to hear the super random ramblings)

4. i confess that i am a lip balm-aholic. in my purse, i currently have 5 different types of lip balm. my lips are constantly dry, and i just cannot stand to have them feeling all dry and chapped. i'm constantly on the prowl for the best lip balm! my latest purchase is Maybelline's Baby Lips Dr. Rescue. So far, I'm loving it! 

5. i confess that my wardrobe is in serious need of a summer makeover. anytime i'm not wearing my uniform, i'm searching for a summer top, but all i can find is sweaters still! i have found some super cute summer dresses recently though compliments of target. 

6. i confess that i am beyond excited to see our "save the dates" as soon as my second big sister [basically] heather ;) is finished with them. yes, she is designing them herself because she has creativity and artistic-ness oozing out of every part of her! she's shown me snippets, and they're to die for cute! 

7. i confess that i'm only writing one more confession because i like the number seven much more than the number six, and i wanted to finish on a good number! 

enjoy the weekend, lovelies! 

Monday, June 2, 2014

may roundup

raise your hand if you can't believe that may is already over!! i'm raising both of my hands! time is flying (probably because i'm newly engaged and having so much fun), but anywhoooozle, here is some of what we've been up to in the month of may! 

is anyone else noticing a major food theme? #sorryimnotsorry we just had a ton of yummy things in may!

we visited the food trucks and found some majorly delish burgers and an amazing dessert called eclair cake. if you haven't had this, go find some STAT!!

i've been busy slaving away making these boxes to ask all my bridesmaids and maids of honor for the wedding! i've almost made it through my bridesmaids list and as soon as i ask everyone, i'll introduce you all!

dorian made his own little goodie box to ask his best man, seth! Seth was happy as a clam and, of course, said yes!

it's snow cone season so go to bahama bucks to get something yummy! try their wedding cake snow cone or blueberry muffin snow cone!

my nephew wyatt graduated from kids day out! he starts kindergarten this coming year- i cannot believe it!

finished off the month with creme brûlée cheesecake at lion & the rose for the real madrid championship soccer game. i'm a fan by association because dorian is a fan fan. it was really fun though!

lastly, i'm excited for pineapple season..mmm one of my favorite fruits!

so that was a random brain dump, but what else has happened in may? i'm finishing up my last two weeks working for the gym! finally! i am so excited to be starting a new job as a nanny! starting mid-june i'll be taking care of and entertaining 3 gorgeous kiddos. i'm really excited because i think this job will give me a chance to focus on wedding planning and stop neglecting my poor little blog! and in more exciting news, dorian just accepted a new job offer as well in sales for verizon wireless! we are both so excited for these changes, and the days are dragging now until we start!

the end of may means one month closer to november when i get to marry the love of my life so i'm thrilled to be a little bit closer! we're looking forward to june and to see all the exciting things it will bring! 

Saturday, May 31, 2014

ever after

hey there, strangers! my fault, not yours! i've had a pretty exciting past couple of weeks so that's where i've been. living! but more on that lata. 

dorian and i got our engagement pictures back from my aunt Ashley who is the owner and photographer of Ever After Photography. The pictures Ashley took were so so beautiful, and we had THE hardest time picking just one to send out on the Save the Dates! I love just flipping through them over and over again! I know i've said this before, but if you are ever in need of a photographer, check in with Ashley! She is so talented (check out her website and see for yourself) and so much fun to work with! i mean, we had some adventures hopping over fences and rowing a leaking boat in a lake with a gator! what can we say? we're thrill seekers! 

Here are a few of the amazing shots she took for dorian and i! I can't get enough of them, and i hope you enjoy them too! 

All photos courtesy of Ever After Photography

these are just a few of our favorites! Ashley did an amazing job, right? Which ones are your faves? I'd love to know! 

Happy weekend! Go Spurs Go!